Time Inc. Debuts Daily Cut, a Home for Videos from All of Its Brands

Back at its Newfront last May, Time Inc. announced that it would be launching the Daily Cut, a video platform featuring content from all of its media brands, including Sports Illustrated to Entertainment Weekly.

Now, Daily Cut has finally arrived, having gone live today on the web (at DailyCut.com) and as a mobile app. At launch, Daily Cut has around 35,000 videos from Time’s various publishers, as reported by The Wall Street Journal.

The site is arranged by new, trending, and featured videos on the home page, with “channels” covering basic categories like sports, entertainment, fashion, technology, and news. Trending videos so far primarily come from Sports Illustrated. Content will be uploaded to Daily Cut multiple times throughout the day, the company said.

In addition to the web and mobile, Daily Cut will also be available on Roku.

Registering for the platform will allows users to create their own video playlists — but it’s not necessary as those who don’t register will still be able to watch video on the site.

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