Twitch Enters Multi-year Exclusive Partnership with BANDAI NAMCO

Twitch, the Amazon-owned gaming-centered social video platform, and BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc., publisher of TEKKEN 7, have entered into an exclusive partnership to create the TEKKEN World Tour. Twitch will manage TEKKEN 7 league operations, circuit events, and content on a global scale, as well as act as the exclusive broadcasting platform for this competitive gaming league. The partnership aims to build the community and infrastructure of BANDAI NAMCO in order to sustain long-term growth of the fighting game franchise.

Due to Twitch being a hub for competitive fighting games, BANDAI NAMCO’s VP of Marketing, Eric Hartness, explained that “it made perfect sense for [the company] to join forces and produce TEKKEN World Tour, a hard-hitting tournament series for [its] fans to enjoy.”

“Our collective goal with the TEKKEN World Tour is to create an unparalleled competitive tournament experience and share the bone-crushing excitement of TEKKEN 7 through Twitch’s social video platform so that TEKKEN fans around the world can enjoy an participate in the action,” he added.

“We’ve [. . .]witnessed how the Fighting Game genre has grown from local tournaments in arcades and living rooms to global attractions filling convention centers and stadiums. TEKKEN has been a major franchise and influence during this evolution,” expressed Richard Thiher, Program Manager at Twitch. “Our partnership with BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America for this new tournament series will help keep Fighting Games at the forefront of esports, while building toward a sustainable ecosystem for all of the players, fans, and organizers involved.”

The news comes as a breath of fresh air for BANDAI NAMCO, which recently delayed the release of its survival horror game, “Get Even,” in response to terrorist attack that took place at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester.