Twitch Is Moving Forward with In-House Production, New Series “FreshStock” Among Upcoming Projects

It’s only been a few months since Twitch brought on Michael Aragon to run its video content strategy and today the company announced a new format “FreshStock,” which was produced in-house. The docu-series show, hosted by Twitch staffers and sneaker-heads Bash “Bashlol” Mussa and Ray “Hypebeast” Li, takes on a topic popular with Vice and Complex Networks, and one Twitch claims is of big interest to its audience — sneaker culture. “FreshStock” will air weekly starting May 11th on the streaming destination, which over the last year has extended its breadth to include genres outside of gaming and esports, like food and DIY.

“The positive reception we’ve received from community-driven pop culture shows, such as Fanboys, illustrated that our users enjoy a wide variety of content that celebrates our home grown personalities,” said Marcus “djWHEAT” Graham, Director of Twitch Studios.

“We’ve discovered that a lot of our creators have a growing fascination with sneaker culture. It’s these factors that inspired FreshStock, a show that allows us to spotlight our community, but through their love of kicks and in a format that allows viewer participation in the true spirit of Twitch.”

Twitch has been quietly testing a variety of formats for the platform including game shows, binged television re-runs, and is even interested in testing choose-your-own-adventure formats.*

*[UPDATE: An earlier version of this story implied that Twitch had already tested choose-your-own-adventure formats, which it has not.]

“It’s live, but it’s interactive, which you’re not going to get from premium television. You’re not gong to get an actor from a show to respond to you in chat or change the show based on what you’re saying. That’s sort of the general expectation on Twitch,” COO Kevin Lin said in an interview.

And while Twitch parent company Amazon has been over-active in the original programming space, Twitch is taking a measured approach and while Lin has commented on the high likelihood of social television and collaborations with Amazon, the two companies have remained relatively siloed.

Sources close to projects on Twitch claim that the streaming giant is open to a variety of formats as it gleans learnings from what live events are working and which aren’t.