uFluencer Group Partners with Gushcloud for Southeast Asian Expansion

uFluencer Group, an L.A.-based public relations and talent management agency exclusively representing beauty and lifestyle YouTube talent, announced today that it is partnering with Gushcloud, a Singapore-headquartered digital influencer marketing and content marketing company.

The two companies will work together to expand their respective networks internationally by drawing on their complementary strengths — uFluencer in Los Angeles and the U.K. and Gushcloud in Southeast Asia.

Founded in 2013, uFluencer works with its clients on network and channel negotiations and brand deals, as well as the creation of signature collections with marquee labels. It has offices in Hollywood, Singapore and Indonesia. The company is headed by Kenn Henman, who previously served as CEO of public relations firm aLine Media for 12 years.

uFluencer’s talent roster includes Lindy Tsang, Judy & Benji Travis, Evon Wahab, Farah Dhukai, Jackie Aina, MsRoshPosh, Shruti Arjun Anand, Donovan Gibb, Alissa Ashley and Kasey Palmer. Recently, the company launched signature collections with YouTube stars Carli Bybel and Shannon Harris.

Gushcloud, a division of Yello Digital Marketing Global, currently operates in five Southeast Asian countries — Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand — and is expanding into others.

Founded in 2011 by Vincent Ha and Althea Lim, Gushcloud works with brands and agencies to engage celebrities and influencers with large audiences on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and the web to create branded content to their fans. Over the last four years, it has managed more than 1,000 influencer marketing campaigns for 250 clients, from consumer companies to local governmental agencies.

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