Unreel.Co Grabs $1M in Seed Funding Led By Digital Ignition

Data is crucial for building and evaluating a video strategy. Now, Silicon Valley start-up Unreel.co is looking to service those companies, and they’ve raised $1 million in seed funding to carry out that goal. The round was led by Digital Ignition, a multimedia content and technology fund backed by private equity firm Steel Pier Capital. Poise Ventures and angel investors Adam Yarnold, Gordon Whitener and Jackson Huynh, among others, also contributed to the round.

Unreel has built a technology coined “Bumblebee” that scours both Facebook and YouTube for insights relevant to video and media publishers in trending topics and scenes within a piece of content. It features a dashboard designed to help creators scale and monetize their video business through advertising, paywalls or subscriptions and e-commerce opportunities.

Unreel joins industry veterans in the space such as Zefr, Tubular Labs, Epoxy, OpenSlate and VidIQ who also service data and trends, mostly on YouTube, although Tubular Labs and Epoxy have expanded to include Facebook and Twitter, respectively.

The company was founded in early 2015 with the goal of surfacing trending moments in video for MCNs, publishers and content creators. It currently works with Malka Media, car video network GTChannel, SurrealVR, MMA League World Series of Fighting.

“We started to see the signs everywhere that video was taking over the internet,” said Unreel founder Dan Goikhman in statement. “Hundreds of hours of footage are being uploaded to the web every minute and growing. Folks like Mark Zuckerberg were saying Facebook will be 80% video in a couple of years, and pundits were saying the internet will be 74% video by 2017. If in fact that was coming true, the way we navigate that web would need to be reinvented.”

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