Vevo Announces Watch Party, a New Way For Friends to Watch Music Videos Together

Vevo is taking a stab at a new way to watch music videos with friends, with the launch of a new social-viewing feature called Watch Party. The feature allows users to watch music videos simultaneously with other users on their own computer. Last week, Google, which owns a stake in Vevo via YouTube’s investment, has also jumped on the social video trend with the release of Uptime.

Watch Party can function as a collaborative real-time playlist, where users vote on which music video plays next. A Watch Party can be joined by an unlimited number of users who can chat in real time as they watch the music video.

A user can also decide to launch a Watch Party in host mode; essentially stepping into the position of DJ while the audience listens, watches and chats.

This isn’t the first time companies have tried to make online music a more sociable experience., a collaborative music streaming service that let users listen to songs in thematic chat rooms, launched in 2011, but shut down in 2013 after struggling to monetize its service. However, the key difference, other than the addition of videos, is Vevo’s proven business model, which was desperately lacking.

Vevo announced the launch at SXSW in Austin, Texas, where the company also revealed an improved iPhone app, which puts a larger emphasis on playlists and favorites as a way to personalize music discovery.

The new iOS app will launch by mid-April, while Watch Party will become available on the web in late March.