Vice Partners with Magnolia Pictures to Promote ‘The Wolfpack’

Vice Media is partnering with Magnolia Pictures on the release of US Documentary Grand Jury Prize winner, “The Wolfpack.”

Directed by Crystal Moselle, “The Wolfpack” first premiered at Sundance this year. It tells the (unbelievable but true) story of the Angulo brothers, all six of whom spent pretty much their entire lives locked inside their New York City apartment, learning about the outside world largely through movies they watched together.

“The Wolfpack” includes many of the brothers’ home videos. They spent lots of time recreating the movies they’d been able to watch during their years in confinement. You can watch the trailer below:

The feature film’s theatrical release will take place on June 12. Leading up to that, Vice will promote the movie across its various platforms and social media channels, as the subject matter seems right up Vice’s alley. “Vice’s unparalleled ability to engage with young audiences makes them an ideal partner for promoting ‘The Wolfpack,’” said Magnolia Pictures president, Eamonn Bowles.

“The Wolfpack” was produced by Moselle along with Izabella Tzenkova of Kotva Films and Hunter Gray and Alex Orlovsky of Verisimilitude. It was executive produced by David Cross, Louise Ingalls Sturges, and Tyler and Cameron Brodie.