Web Series Wednesday: It’s Time to Feast

Thanksgiving is literally right around the corner, meaning it’s time to work up a serious appetite. What better way to do that than by watching some good, old-fashioned internet food porn?

If you see any other series on the web that inspire you this Thanksgiving weekend, send them to tips@thevideoink.com.

“Epic Meal Time

It’s impossible to list food-centric web series without including “Epic Meal Time.” Though the show’s been popular for a while, now (popular enough to generate the TV series, “Epic Meal Empire”), people still watch it because the bacon strips are just so juicy…and every concoction is a serious feat of perseverance and strength — to make, but especially to eat.

“Day of Gluttony

This Tastemade show takes viewers on journeys perfectly described by the title. Each episode follows Harry and Bruce as they explore a city through its food (including beverages like juice and cocktails, just to keep the task actually feasible). Since you’re not participating, just watching it will make you very hungry rather than inconceivably full.

“Feast of Fiction

This show by YouTube creators Jimmy Wong and Ashley Adams details recipes used by fantastical characters, such as Harry and co. of “Harry Potter” and Fin and Jake of “Adventure Time” (Wong and Adams actually recreate Jake’s “everything burrito,” which is exactly as it sounds, in the most digusting way possible). Here’s the series’ take on the fictional wizarding world’s Butterbeer:

“Pedestrians in Bars Eating Toffee

There’s only one episode of this hilarious spoof of Jerry Seinfeld’s “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee,” but I truly hope this guy makes more. The way he impersonates Seinfeld’s behavior on the show is spot on, as are the (perhaps too numerous?) shots of the bar over background music. If you’re starting to get tired of such antics and the close-ups of toffee chewing, just wait for the Staten Island joke near the end.


To provide some relief from all the cooking shows that take themselves a little too seriously out there (TV, more than the web, is the culprit), the Cooking Channel’s “Fodder” offers a spoof that spares no foodie. From “Top Chef” to wine snobs, this web series knows just who and how to mock.