Web Series Wednesday: What’s So Funny About a Cubicle?

As the summer gets hotter, office life gets even drearier — no one likes being stuck in a cubicle when the sun offers up a perfect beach day. To help make it through until 5pm each week day, explore the potential office life has to entertain in the following web series…

“Wish It Inc.

A different kind of office comedy, “Wish It Inc.” depicts a work setting in which Fairy Godmother — you know, the fairy godmother — is CEO. It should feel like all of the parts are over-acted, just by virtue of the genre alone (people tend to do that when it comes to fairy tales), but somehow the exaggerated speech and gestures work. Ultimately, the idea is clever and the execution cute (but not too cute). See the credits for the series here.

“Day Job

This web series consists of perfect, little vignettes about a comedian toiling through her “day job” as she attempts to pursue her true passion in life. Her dry approach to humor in the show highlights the contrast between what she’s doing (working at law firm) and what she wants to be doing (comedy). Read who’s behind the series here.

“The Office: The 3rd Floor

NBC put this three-part web series on its website several years ago, and though the network has taken it down, it still remains alive and well on YouTube. Directed by Mindy Kaling, the short series has all the humor of its TV counterpart with a healthy extra dose of weirdness.


This web series from Above Average takes place in and around a single office cubicle. The central character is Benjamin, and it’s as if his coworkers approach him as part of a competition to showcase who’s the most out of touch with reality. Perhaps the Twizzler thief wins? Check out the credits for the series here.

“Hardly Working

CollegeHumor’s take on office life nearly glamorizes it by making it appear so whimsical. Fast-paced, on-point dialogue makes this web series easy to tear through. It covers a lot of typical office characters and moments but adds the absurd spin that keeps people hooked on CollegeHumor content. Read who’s responsible for the above episode here.