Wheezy Waiter Tapped To Host Civil War Video Series on PBS

Earlier this morning, VideoInk covered the news of the exclusive streaming distribution deal between Amazon and PBS for “Mercy Street.” As a promotional extension of the series, PBS Learning Media will debut an accompanying new civil war history-inspired series premiering tomorrow. Rolling out as seven short episodes targeted at middle and high school students, the series, titled “The Good Stuff” is hosted by YouTube comedian and special effects master Wheezy Waiter (Craig Benzine). The series will tie in themes from PBS’s “Mercy Street,” Civil War-era scripted series that follows the lives of two volunteer nurses on opposite sides of the conflict.

Produced by PBS Digital Studios, “The Good Stuff” will air on both PBS’s digital hub, PBS Learning Media, and YouTube. New five to seven-minutes episodes will debut on Fridays for seven consecutive weeks. They will explore themes that dovetail with the content of the “Mercy Street” episodes airing the following Sunday on Amazon, including news in a time of war and confederate iconography, framed with contemporary context.

“Through humor and relatable references, like how news media in wartime can be related to modern day Twitter, the series will encourage kids and adults alike to find a new appreciation of the importance of keeping history alive and relevant,” said Brandon Arolfo, senior director of content development for PBS Digital Studios, in a statement.

The series adds to the already 30-project-deep library PBS Digital Studios has aired on YouTube since launching in 2012.

PBS Learning Media will also feature a variety of ancillary digital content to accompany both “Mercy Street” and “The Good Stuff” including behind the scenes video footage, an interactive hub for fans and more.