Why You Need to Be Watching Akilah Hughes on YouTube

This article originally appeared in The Daily Dot

By Carly Lanning

The Daily Dot is celebrating Woman Crush Wednesday, better known as #WCWon Twitter and Instagram, by highlighting female creators on YouTube whose work we admire.

Akilah Hughes is one of the best creators on YouTube today, hands down.

Hilarious, articulate, and multidimensional, Hughes’ channel (Smoothiefreak) is a celebration of storytelling, sarcasm, being yourself, and most importantly, laughing at the misadventures every 20-something is bound to encounter in their life.

Each week, Hughes fills her channel with videos that never fail to brighten even the drabbest of days. Her videos include comedy sketches about how to best survive your 20s in NYC (hint: lots of wine and a onesie), tipsy book reviews with YouTube friends, “Scandal” sketches, parodies of YouTube trends such as makeup videos and tags, and life talks that are guaranteed to prepare you better for life than any marathon of “Sex and the City” (trust me on this one).

Although Hughes started her channel and associated blog in January 2006, her first big hit didn’t come until seven years later, when she released “Meet Your First Black Girlfriend” — a video that is not only comedy gold, but also began conversations about race representation across the traditional and social media. From there, Hughes has risen to be one of the most promising talents on the platform, with such fans as John and Hank Green, Franchesca Ramsey, and the Gregory Brothers cheering her on.

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