Your Official Guide to Live Streaming at VidCon 2017

By 2021, the video streaming industry is expected to be worth around $70 billion, with a compound annual growth rate of over 18% starting in 2016. Around the world, brands and creators are indiscriminately and excitedly jumping into not just non-linear options, but also live video offerings, experimenting with different ways and times to deliver real-time broadcasting experiences to their devoted followers. And many are profiting heavily from it.

With all of this growth, the live streaming industry is poised to be a major focus at next week’s VidCon US in Anaheim. As such, we’ve put together a list of some of the top panels, sessions, and important live streaming players and brands you won’t want to miss if you’re interested in learning more about live video or staying on top of its trends in the coming years.

Unless otherwise noted, all panels and sessions listed below are for Industry Track pass holders only.

Check out These VidCon Live Streaming/Live Video Panels

The Right Content for the Right Platform: How Live Streaming and New Technology Have Transformed Content Creation (Thursday, June 22 @ 10 AM; Room 304AB)

This panel will address how companies such as Periscope, YouNow, and affected the growth of live streaming’s popularity and how brands and creators can best choose a platform to effectively reach their audiences. The panel will be led by Hydro Studios’ Ryan A. Bell, Roker Entertainment’s Jon Burk, and live streaming creator Evie Why.

Fireside Chat with Alex Hofmann, President North America of (Thursday, June 22 @ 3:45 PM; Industry Keynote Stage)

Using short-form social video app, thousands of aspiring musicians and entertainers have started to build their careers and reach fans around the world. The app is so popular, in fact, it spawned a related app named solely for live streaming purposes. This interview with’s Hofmann is sure to provide insights into why his company became so successful and how brands can work with influencers on the platforms to achieve their marketing goals.

Be the Change You Wish to See: How to Leverage the Power of (Friday, June 23 @ 3 PM; Room 304CD)

Live streaming app Toonstar allows its users to create cartoon images of themselves and then broadcast to various platforms; the creators behind this brand will talk about how they built a highly-engaged following on and how other brands can do the same.

How Livestreaming Has Changed the Game — Creator Track (Saturday, June 24 @ 12:30 PM; Room 208)

In this session, a variety of creators and brands will discuss how live streaming has created a new way to connect with audiences, make money, and develop a company. Moderated by YouNow’s Chris Landa, participants include Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks, gaming streamer Kitty Plays, and singer Emma McGann.

Should I Be Livestreaming? — Creator Track (Saturday, June 24 @ 3:30 PM; Room 209)

While this question may not have even crossed the minds of some brands and creators, it’s worth asking if they haven’t yet begun to live stream. This session will help clarify if video publishers can use live video in their audience outreach strategies, or if it will just be a bane to the development of their brands.

Watch These Live Streaming Power Players at VidCon

YouTube Live: At last year’s VidCon, YouTube announced the release of its mobile live streaming feature, which has continued to roll out to its users over the last year. Expect to hear new updates from Google’s online video site on how it plans to grow its mobile live offering and compete with the plethora of other broadcasting apps on the market.

Facebook Live: With the explosive growth of Facebook Live over the last year, the social-media-site-turned-video-powerhouse has ramped up its presence at VidCon this year with creator lounges, Oculus Rift virtual reality stations, and VidCon-themed stickers and masks to add to broadcasts on Live. One of the first apps to drive the interest in live streaming will continue to exert its popularity at VidCon with a ball pit, complete with slow-motion video capture for jumpers, outside the Anaheim Convention Center, co-sponsored by AwesomenessTV. will also broadcast live throughout each day from its booth inside the expo area. The panels listed above already prove the importance of these brands at VidCon. If their current success rate is any indication, the social video app and live streaming platform will only continue to dominate the industry.

YouNow: A long-time presence at VidCon, YouNow will return to the event with its Community Stage in Hall C, a corresponding booth, and a broadcasting booth on the Creators floor. The live streaming platform is one of the top destinations for live content, with top creators earning up to thousands of dollars per month.

Busker: As the live streaming market continues to grow and new apps are introduced, Busker seeks to set itself apart as a live streaming platform with e-commerce opportunities. Brands interested in generating ROI while also reaching their audiences should pay attention to what Busker has to offer at VidCon.

PocketLIVE: This new live streaming app is a sponsor of this year’s VidCon, and looking to make a big splash. It’s currently running a #ShareYourMoment contest with prizes up to $10,000 to encourage users to experiment with the app and spread the word about why it’s the next big thing in the live streaming industry.

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