YouTube Launches #voteIRL Campaign Targeting Digital-First Generation

YouTube is reaching out to the digital-first generation with #voteIRL, a campaign announced today designed to get young people to the polls for the upcoming U.S. election.

It kicks off with the release of the #voteIRL anthem video (below), featuring top YouTube creators including Bethany Mota, Hannah Hart, Kingsley and Hank Green encouraging people to vote and share their own videos using #voteIRL on YouTube and other social media.

#VoteIRL is reminiscent of MTV’s campaign for Rock the Vote, a non-profit promoting voter registration in the U.S., which was widely credited with help getting out the youth vote for then presidential candidate Bill Clinton in 1992.

As part of the # voteIRL campaign, registration reminders will be featured on YouTube’s homepage, watch page and search results page on National Voter Registration Day (Sept. 27). To make the process easier, Google has created online registration tools.

YouTube will also be carrying the live streams of Presidential debates from news organizations including PBS, The Washington Post, and Telemundo. Top YouTube creators including The Young Turks and Complex News will also be on the ground reporting from the debates using YouTube’s mobile livestreaming technology.

The Young Turks and Complex also contributed to YouTube’s gavel-to-gavel coverage of the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, along with other creators including Seeker Daily, Ingrid Nilsen, Mark Watson and Julie Borowski. YouTube served as the official live stream partner for both conventions.

According to a YouTube blog post published today, over 200K election videos have been uploaded to YouTube every day since the July conventions and people have watched more than 110 million hours of candidate and issues-related content on the platform.

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