YouTube Spaces Get Presidential with Creators on Election-Themed Sets

As the United States prepares to decide who will take up residence in the real White House next January, YouTube is giving creators across this great land the chance to play president (or candidate, journalist or voter) on a collection of election-themed sets at YouTube Space LA and YouTube Space NY, unveiled this morning.

YouTube Space NY Debate Stage

In L.A., the sets include a 360-degree Oval Office, a news desk and a multi-purpose stage that includes a news desk, a press briefing room and a polling station. In New York, creators will be able to choose from fully-outfitted Oval Office, White House press room and debate stage (pictured, left) sets.

The YouTube Spaces have already launched specialized workshops to help creators craft politically-themed content. In New York, creators are working with filmmaker Morgan Spurlock and Warrior Poets, and in L.A. select creators will participate in a comedy writing workshop taught by a seasoned improv and comedy writer to be named later.

The sets have already been used by creators such as Mitú, Nerdist, Key of Awesome, ABC News, Bernie Su of Canvas Media Studios (in conjunction with The Young Turks) and LifeVestInside to shoot everything from original songs and comedic shorts encouraging Latinos to vote to a 360-degree narrative series on life in the Oval Office.

The YouTube Spaces are still accepting applications for shooting time on the sets from creators with a minimum of 10,000 subscribers who have “unlocked” the Space.

YouTube has already made its presence felt in the 2016 election cycle, providing gavel-to-gavel coverage as the official live stream partner for both the Democratic and Republican conventions last month. It sent a group of its top creators — including The Young Turks, Complex News, Seeker Daily, Ingrid Nilsen, Mark Watson and Julie Borowski — to each event, who reported using tools including mobile live streaming and Jump VR cameras.

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