YouTube Spaces Team with Jason Blum (‘The Purge’) for Halloween VR ‘Mega Collab’

Horrormeister Jason Blum and his company Blumhouse Productions (“The Purge,” “Ouija,” “Insidious” and the “Paranormal Activity” franchise) are teaming with YouTube Spaces around the globe to help 100 creators shoot horror-inspired virtual reality videos on YouTube Spaces in Los Angeles, London, Tokyo, Berlin, Toronto and New York.

Creators from YouTube Spaces in Paris and Sao Paulo will also send select creators to shoot at YouTube Space LA as part of thw program. CryptTV, a digital genre network that has a strategic partnership with Blumhouse, is also serving as a production advisor.

Each YouTube Space will have a of the four-walled 360-degree hotel room set designed in the style of the city where facility is located. All the hotel rooms will be Room 301, a reference to the number at which view counts used to pause as YouTube’s systems verified their authenticity.

At YouTube Space LA, Jesse Wellens from PrankVsPrank (10M subscribers, 1.76B views) will direct a “mega collab” video featuring 20 of YouTube’s biggest stars that will serve as the origin story for the global narrative. In the video, creators will receive a key to Room 301 — a.k.a. YouTube Purgatory — where they will experience their worst fears.

The “mega collab” will be created in partnership with The Big Picture Company, a production company specializing in VR and 360º videos, as well as feature films and broadcast commercial productions.

Creators will shoot on Google’s Jump camera, which utilizes an array of 16 GoPros. The videos will go live at and on each participating creators’ YouTube channel between Oct. 20 and Halloween.

“Our company loves telling scary stories on all platforms so we are excited to partner with YouTube to find out what scares its incredible community the most,” said Blum in a statement. “The most frightening places are actually the ones where you feel safe and secure so it will be a lot of fun to experiment with the eerie hotel rooms YouTube built and see what happens when we turn the camera around on their creators.”

It marks the fourth year in a row that the YouTube Spaces have partnered with major players in the horror genre to craft settings that creators’ can use as templates to shoot content timed to be released in conjunction with Halloween. Previous collaborators were “The Walking Dead” creators Skybound Entertainment (2015), filmmaker Guillermo del Toro (“Pan’s Labyrinth,” “Hellboy”) and Legendary Entertainment (2014), and the Stan Winston School of Character Arts (2013).

Creators participating in the “mega collab” video include:

Markiplier (Gaming / LA / 14M subs)

Vitalyzdtv (Pranks / LA / 9M subs)

Galo Frito (Comedy / Sao Paulo / 8M subs)

Furious Pete (Food / Toronto / 3M subs)

Luba (Vlog, Comedy / Sao Paulo / 3M subs)

KrazyRayRay (Beauty & Fashion / LA / 2.6M subs)

Seb La Frite (Vlogs / Paris / 2.4M subs)

Coby Persin (Pranks / NY / 2.4M subs)

PC Siqueira (Vlog / Sao Paulo / 2.1M subs)

Josh Paler Lin (Pranks & Film / LA / 2M subs)

The Gabbie Show (Vlog / LA / 2M subs)

Jovem Nerd (Nerd, Vlog / Sao Paulo / 1.6M subs)

Hopsin (Music / LA / 1.5M subs)

TechnoBuffalo (Tech Reviews / LA / 1.2M subs)

Chachi Gonzales (Dancing / LA / 1.1M subs)

KarenO (Beauty & Fashion / LA / 1.1M subs)

Jay & Arya (Comedy / Berlin / 1.1M subs)

Rolê Gourmet (Food / Sao Paulo / 1M subs)

LaToyaForever (Lifestyle / Toronto / 1M subs)

Fischer’s (Comedy, Film / Tokyo / 1M subs)