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Attribution for social selling is no longer a myth

If you are looking for attribution for your social video or video marketing, Video Squirrel’s In-Video Shoppable Tool is for you.

Shoppable videos: Brand can partner with content creator and distribute content anywhere on the social web, with a direct path to purchase.

Did you know?

That’s where Video Squirrel steps in. We reduce that friction to next to zero. All you have to do is shoot, share and start selling. If you’re a brand looking for a new, efficient avenue to sell your products, your video now has direct attribution. If you’re a content creator looking for new brand opportunities, Video Squirrel offers limitless opportunities to make your video shoppable.

As for your customers, all they have to do is feel inspired by what they see, click and enter their billing information. Our native checkout experience is the first to truly give consumers the ability to truly buy now.

Video Squirrel offers solutions for consumers and marketers

Shareable, Shoppable videos
Video Squirrel videos are platform agnostic and shoppable. Your videos offer an in-video checkout experience and can be shared on any digital or social platform. They are ready to start selling as soon as they’re posted.

Opportunities for brands to work with influencers and content creators
Collaborate with influencers to reach new, engaged consumers. Enable them to share your shoppable video across channels, and encourage them to create their own. Learn more about how to gain clear influencer ROI.

Direct Attribution
Skip the complex, costly process of link creation, multiple tools and indirect attribution. Zipline offers 100% accuracy on ROI and attribution.

In-video one-click purchase intent capture allows for accurate ROI attribution

Video Affiliate
Collaborate with influencers to share your content and extend your brand reach into new, engaged audiences.

Analytics & ROI
Track individual performance metrics as they align directly to sales.



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Video Squirrel

Video Squirrel gives your video content a direct path to purchase at the point of discovery. No redirects, no links, no clunky checkout process.