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3 min readFeb 26, 2020


Video Squirrel Technology enables your video content to accept donations with one-click.

What better medium is there to generate awareness, build empathy and trust for your cause than video? Few media can leave a lasting impact the way video can, and yet to date their primary function is to raise awareness. They also take a great deal of time, effort and money to create.

Video Squirrel’s technology can streamline your fundraising process by allowing your videos themselves to be a point of donation. As soon as a video is created it can be shared anywhere, and the donations are made directly to your nonprofit.

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Viewers don’t have to leave their video experience to make a transaction. All they do is watch your video, feel inspired, and click on the pink “donate” button that prompts them to simply enter their credit card information.

Video Squirrel’s actionable videos are shareable — anywhere. The more they’re shared, the more donations you can earn. You can circulate your videos within your community, so they can share your video and help amplify its fundraising potential. You can also enable people who want to support your cause to create content on your behalf that will drive donations directly back to your nonprofit.

Video Squirrel can also help you raise funds through swag sales. All you have to do is upload your products into the system and pair them with any video. Anyone can click the pink button in-video and purchase your items.

Video Squirrel’s shareable, actionable videos are easy, free and easy to create. Our system immediately offers you donor data, donations reporting and helps you keep tabs on your sales and donations.

Key Benefits of our technology:

  • Simplicity: Viewers donate directly in-video
  • Donations are credited directly to your nonprofit
  • Long-term funding: your videos continue to raise donations in your behalf so long as they’re live and in front of viewers
  • Sharing across all social media, providing a one-stop video platform that can help raise donations across the Internet
  • Efficiency: Each video can be shared infinitely within your community. You can also have content created in your behalf that is set to bring donations back directly to your nonprofit.

Interested in learning more about how Video Squirrel can be a vital tool for this year’s fundraising efforts? Schedule a demo.

How it Works

You can revolutionize the way you use video to raise funds in three easy steps:

  1. Navigate to “Products” on the Web Dashboard and then “Create a Product.” If you wish for your item to accept donations, toggle to “Accepts Donations.” Once you are satisfied with the other content about your donation ask, click save.
  2. Navigate to the Videos section and upload a video of your choice. Select your Donations Product and name your Video.
  3. And that’s it! Start sharing the link on social media, email, text or embed it in any website. Your donations-enabled video will start capturing donations from any eyeballs.

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Video Squirrel
Video Squirrel
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Video Squirrel gives your video content a direct path to purchase at the point of discovery. No redirects, no links, no clunky checkout process.