Vidion enables media to get hard-hitting content first

The Vidion blockchain project is currently seeking investment to launch their platform to connect non-professional journalists and media outlets across the globe. Eyewitnesses will be able to gain from their smartphone videos, and mass media will get access to the latest video materials. Among their primary objectives is pushing back against fake content.

Vidion is developed by an international team. It will become the first project to introduce the blockchain technology to journalism. Vidion will connect the content producers (stringers) and its publishers (media outlets) via a simple payment arrangement based on smart contracts and protection against fake and pirated content.

Valeriy Romanenko, a Vidion CEO and founder:

Currently, each editorial office has to spend a lot of finance and even develop their own software to build bridges with their non-staff journalists and videographers. We are offering a universal solution that can be adopted by any media and any eyewitnesses who want to make money on video footage they made.

The mode of operations of the project is simple enough. First, the media commission a task for producing a particular sort of video content. Second, people at the local level capable of taking the job or already having a required video in their possession, offer their services and upload their content to the platform. Third, the media willing to buy the said video clip makes a price offer on the clip. The media outlet that offered the highest price gets the video.

The platform can work in the other direction as well: an eyewitness uploads their video on the platform and the media bid of the right to use it.

Taras Druzhinin, project manager:

The news agencies and TV network need exclusives and reliable content. RT has their own agency called Ruptly. Aram Gabrelyanov’s Life had its own service for buying video content. Many TV networks create in-house services to work with non-staff correspondents and search for play-by-play footage. We believe our service can help both, the media and the content creators. And provide more opportunities for regular people.

The Vidion team aims to raise $2.5 mln from private investors, investment funds, and ICO to develop their project. The Vidion tokens will be available for purchase on September 1st, 2018. The project is planned to be launched in December 2018.

For more information, visit their official website