Join Vidme in the fight to save Net Neutrality!

We’re writing today to let you know that the internet is under attack! Seriously. The Federal Communications Commission (aka the FCC), the government organization that regulates the internet, is planning on revoking Net Neutrality.

If the FCC does this, major cable and internet service providers — companies like Verizon and Comcast — will have free reign to “play favorites” by providing better, faster experiences to websites under their own corporate purview, while throttling the speed and performance of unaffiliated sites. This change could seriously harm some of your favorite independent sites, including your very favorite, Vidme.

This is an urgent issue that affects everyone in the USA, and your voice matters, so please take a minute to message the FCC and let the humans there know that the internet should remain neutral and free for all sites.

You can also learn more about the importance of preserving Net Neutrality by clicking here.

Warren and Alex (Vidme co-founders)

PS. Here’s a quick video from our very-human CEO, Hugh Manson, explaining why Net Neutrality is so important.