New! Make money with ads on your videos

As part of our quest to build the world’s most creator-friendly platform, one of our goals is to help video creators make money so that they can stay focused on making great videos. So far, we’ve rolled out tipping and paid subscription features to make it easier for fans to directly support the creators they love.

Today, we’re excited to introduce a long-awaited third monetization method: ad revenue sharing. If you’re signed in to your verified Vidme account, you can enable this from your new monetization settings page.

When you enable ad revenue sharing, we’ll do our best to serve ads on your eligible videos, and you’ll keep 70% of all revenue generated by those ads. Those earnings then become available for payout to you via PayPal after 60 days.

Ad revenue sharing is still in beta. We’ve currently only integrated with a few ad networks, but we’re working on expanding this to improve the ad fill and CPMs on your videos. For now, you might not see a ton of fill on your videos, but opting in to the program means you’ll benefit in the future as we improve the system.

As of today, ads will not be displayed directly in the video player — we’re only serving simple display ads outside the video player. But we’re working on integrating higher CPM ads that will appear within the player in the future. Importantly, we’ll work hard to make sure they’re unobtrusive and will never annoy your viewers.

If you know a creator that would be excited to earn money with ads with Vidme, please share this post with them! And as always, let us know on reddit or Twitter if you have any feedback on what we’re building.