“Vidme” category videos will no longer be a part of the hot feed

Alex Benzer
Jul 6, 2017 · 3 min read

Our team is constantly thinking about how we can make Vidme the world’s most creator-friendly platform. A major part of that effort is about fostering a positive, supportive community where creators help each other. To that end, it’s super important that newcomers see this place as a viable and welcoming new platform to express themselves and develop as artists.

Several months ago, we added a “Vidme” video category. The intention was to give the community a dedicated place to post meta videos about Vidme — a place for suggestions and feedback. Upon adding the category, a tsunami of videos about Vidme immediately overtook the homepage feed. Many of these videos were focused on providing awesomely constructive feedback about the platform and community’s direction, but many of them were also about “drama” and infighting between community members. We started hearing that newcomers were deciding not to join because of the one-note, self-referential tone of the videos on the homepage. Regardless of whether these videos are positive or negative in tone, for someone that’s new and has no context about the platform, it’s a pretty excluding and confusing experience. Vidme shouldn’t be about Vidme — it should be about your art.

We also found that a number of users were cheating the upvote system and using hordes of dummy accounts to upvote their own videos. Since the Vidme community is still a small, intimate place, this wasn’t super hard for some people. We’re building some new tools to prevent this and will be enforcing our community rules more actively in the future.

Also, since our hot feed currently uses a simple algorithm that basically looks at upvote velocity, we found that people were inherently incentivized to make dramatic or controversial videos (and thumbs/titles) to reach the top of trending.

Vidme is a living platform and is evolving daily. We’re getting a lot of criticism from both community members and creators outside the platform, and while it hurts to hear sometimes, we’re definitely listening and trying to make improvements that can make Vidme a friendlier, more creative place.

So, we’ve decided to no longer include “Vidme” category videos from the hot feed. We’re doing this to make room for videos that aren’t about Vidme drama and to help promote other videos and creators. Previously, these videos were coming from a very small handful of creators (some of which were using multiple accounts) that were dominating the entire homepage, obscuring everyone else and generally setting a toxic tone for the entire community.

I realize that many of you won’t like this change. It’s a really tough one for us to make and we’re only doing so after a lot of consideration. But we’ve received so many complaints about toxic users and videos, both in public and private, that it feels like the right thing to do at this point.

Keep in mind, the only change we’re making today is the exclusion of “Vidme” videos from the hot feed. The category isn’t going anywhere and will still be a dedicated place for meta discussions about Vidme.

If you’re looking for a place to troll, harass, exclude or threaten people for the sake of attention, you won’t find home here. If you’re looking for a place to be creative and publish your art, Vidme is it.

If you want to discuss this, we’re 100% up for it as always. Tweet us at https://twitter.com/vidme or email hello@vid.me.

— Alex


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