We’re joining Facebook!

Wow. We’re really excited to share we’re joining Facebook
 effective today. We will continue to help creators, publishers, and
 broadcasters create great live experiences, and focus on what
 we’re best known for: Enabling world-class interactive streams
 on Facebook Live. Our customers who currently use the product
 will continue to be able to do so following our transition to Facebook.

Way back in 2012 we founded Vidpresso with a simple vision: To make
 video more like HTML — easier to author, easier to change, and
 customized per person. We’ve had a lot of false starts along the
 way, first offering tools to help synchronize presentations with
 slides, then offering tools to help broadcasters put social media
 on TV. We finally landed on helping create high quality broadcasts
 back on social media, but we still haven’t realized the full
 vision yet.

That’s why we’re joining Facebook. This gives us the best
 opportunity to accelerate our vision and offer a simple way for 
 creators, publishers, and broadcasters to use social media in live
 video at a high quality level. We’ve always wanted to build tools
 for everyone to create interactive live video experiences.

By joining Facebook we’ll be able to offer our tools to a much
 broader audience than just our A-list publishing partners.
 Eventually, it’ll allow us to put these tools in the hands of
 creators, so they can focus on their content, and have it look
 great, without spending lots of time or money to do so.

We’ve had a lot of great support from day one. From companies
 who believed in us early on like broadcasters KSL, KTXL, and
 Univision, to press outlets and journalists who wrote about us,
 to the countless partners like BuzzFeed, Turner Sports, Nasdaq,
 TED, NBC (there are really too many to mention…) who joined us
 when we launched Vidpresso:LIVE. You took a big chance on us, and
 saw us through our bumpy ride. Thank you from the bottom of our

And this is just the beginning. If you’re interested in working
 with us as we transition to Facebook, we’d love to hear from you.
 You can fill out our interest form.