Go Ahead. Call Me A Liar!

More than two truths and one lie

Shhh! Vidya Sury ©

Jumping on the two truths and a lie prompt train a little late in the day. But so what? My excuse — none. I just prioritized life, focused on recovering from the flu, and went with the flow.

Here, then, are my mix of truths and lies. But hey, you decide which is which.

#Un (One) Truth or Lie?

I was just two and a half years old. I remember running through the night, reaching the railway station with my mom, and being hurriedly pushed into the train just as it pulled out of the platform.

My mom sighed as she held me close, smothering me a little in her tight grip. The train picked up speed and only then did she relax a little. I saw her smile for the first time in . . . I couldn’t remember the last time she had smiled.

Two days later, we arrived at our destination and as we got off the train, my mom collapsed on the platform and a crowd gathered around her, separating me from her. I cried, holding a little pot of water a fellow passenger had generously given us. Wiping my tears with my dirty hands, I looked up hopefully, when I saw my uncle.

He was on his way to work and was about to hop on the train when he noticed the commotion. Being the good samaritan that he was, he checked in to see what the crowd was about. He turned at the sound of a child crying — to see me. The shock hit him when the crowd parted a little and he saw his sister lying unconscious, bleeding.

Playing with Instagram filters. Vidya Sury ©

#Dos (two) Truth or Lie?

I always had numerous admirers who loved to photograph me. They claimed I had an infectious smile. Perhaps that’s when my passion for photography was born.

In my twenties, my fan base grew. Not only did they love my writing, but my looks as well. I literally built a portfolio with the photos they clicked of me. Some suggested I was perfect for a toothpaste ad, while others felt I should model clothes — I was skinny enough.

Yet others — the non-romantic fans — thought I would make a charismatic motivational speaker. To enjoy the best of all worlds, I chose sales training as my profession and went on to become famous.

#Tres (Three) Truth or Lie?

Growing up, life had more ups than downs. Thanks to my mom, I learned to truly appreciate the bright spots, the silver linings. I learned the true meaning of rock bottoms being solid foundations and using the stones life and people throw to build strong structures. You know what I mean.

This did not stop me from dreaming of great things, though. I dreamed of being rich, authoring books, traveling the world, but above all, transforming the lives of struggling children, and making them happy, and healthy.

I pledged to make a difference with any money I earned, always setting aside a portion of it to donate to someone who had less than I had. And when I determined to do this, I grew, because karma was on my side.

Today I support several welfare homes and children, contributing to their food, medical needs, and education. And oh yes, to some extent, I did achieve my ongoing dream of authoring books and traveling.

Okay, now go for it.

What are the lies?

Which are the truths?

Did I sneak in partial truths and lies to confuse you?

Come at me!

I don’t recall seeing responses to this fun prompt: two truths and a lie from these writer friends of mine — and I invite them to give it a go. I also invite them to scold me if I missed their stories (and explain to me why they didn’t tag me)

If I did read and comment on those stories, I blame the flu.

Nancy, Mary, Thief, Osan, Sandi, Randy, Jason, The Sturg, Sally, KiKi, Deb, Sujona, Suma, Carmellita, KSHernandez, Donnette, Lucia, Lady Dr. Gabriella, Sharing, The Celtic Chameleon, Nicole, L Burton, JoAnn, Ellie, Christina, Shereen, Sanghita, Jillian, Jill, kt lee, Hollie, Kris, Julie, Penny, Pene

Thanks to pockett dessert for tagging me in this challenge. You should read her story — truly delightful.

Then as I sat over the prompt, Dr. Preeti Singh gave me a nudge as well in her post.

Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles ❤ Did you smile today?

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Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles

Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles


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