Jan 2023 30-day Writing Challenge Day 27

Junk Email or Entertainment?

The last email I received in my junk folder and my feelings about it

Photo by Thanhy Nguyen on Unsplash

I’ve received some strange stuff — from the common Nigerian millionaire wanting to transfer billions into my account to the idiots who email me with a “Hey there”, wanting to post on my blog in return for “spreading the word” on their social media channels to thousands of followers. So why they need me is beyond my ken.

Then there are those that ask for the pricing of a sponsored post on my website, and keep negotiating, finally offering me $3 — which does not even cover the cost of the email exchange!

I now have a folder in my email titled “Really!?” where I shove these stupid emails just to get a laugh out of it when I need a few laughs.

The latest I got is from some guy who wants to sell his website to me. Actually, it is a good domain address and one I might have considered some years back. But right now I am not interested in adding more domains to my portfolio of six websites plus Medium.

I am already guilty about not writing as often as I want to, on my own websites. Okay, I am active on two, but the remaining four — not as much as I’d like.

Still, I feel good that someone would approach me about a legit domain and want to sell it to me. Don’t have that kind of cash anyway, but that’s not the point no?

This is kind of like not looking for a job but receiving job offers…and feeling marketable and happy.

So yeah, my feeling about the junk mail? Happy.



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