Jan 2023 30-day Writing Challenge Day 29

My Five Most Recent Emojis

and what they say about my life right now, because you are dying to know, right?

Photo by Typerium App on Unsplash

Keeley’s post about people spotting millennials a mile away with the laughing emoji made me giggle because — imagine the state of boomers now! I still send an eggplant and actually mean an eggplant because I love eggplant. Only recently did I come to know what an eggplant emoji actually means. Can you tell I love eggplants? There ya go! Knew you were clever!

Although I must tell you right now that I prefer GIFs these days and anyone who chats with me on WhatsApp or Google chat will attest to how childish and juvenile I can be by constantly bombarding them with GIFs. What can I say? I love emojis and GIFs. The theme depends on what I am watching at the moment. It is currently a mix of Ian Somerhalder, Jensen Ackles, Lucas Bravo . . . and the like . . . along with some snarky, funny stuff.

So onward to my favorite emojis which are also the most recently used, or rather, overused ones.

Vidya’s screenshot

The Eyeroll

So many things warrant the eyeroll. It is like saying “Really?” or “Seriously?”

Invariably I use this on my son when there is no response, or in response to some stupid news or social media update by someone.

One eyebrow raised 🤨

Alternate reaction to the same situations as above. Also means — at least to me — “Well? I am not growing any younger waiting!”

Hug 🤗

Self-explanatory. Usually lovingly, in appreciation, and indulgently. Also use it when I say something the recipient doesn’t want to hear, or something I want them to do that they don’t want to do and I sugarcoat it with a hug, a la iron-hand-in-velvet glove. I use it on my son often. Ha!

Kiss 😘

Same as the hug — used together or interchangeably.

Purple Heart 💜

I use a purple heart when I am busy doing something but don’t want the person to think I am ignoring them or leaving them with an “I read it” or the blue tick on WhatsApp.

The thinking emoji 🤔

That’s me asking, where are you? Or what are you saying? Or I didn’t gquite get that.

Vidya’s screenshot of all her most frequent and favorite emojis

And because those are not the only emojis I use frequently, let me also mention the others I love.

Hand over mouth 🤭

Not sure what it means, too lazy to Google, but I use it when I am snickering.


Cool factor, obviously.

Face with only eyes. 😶

I use it to say I am speechless. The real meaning is something else. But until some millennial or Gen Y or X or Z pulls me up for it…haha!

Face covered in hearts 🥰

That’s me saying I feel loved. Or thank you!

Sunflower 🌻

Just a friendly acknowledgment.

I also like these: 😇 😲🎵🥱😴🐘💐🙂🐾😊✍🏽🥂😮🦉👆

These are the ones I will publicly admit to using, anyway. Hehe!



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