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Gorgeous wordsmith KSHernandez whose words cast a spell on me tagged me in her post, offering up a haiku prompt, asking, Have you ever felt born again?

But of course, my answer was yes, and never one to skip a tag, here I am with a quick set of haiku ❤

I’ve attempted to describe my state of flow from a woman to a mom to an empty nester.

I am a woman
Then I became a mother
I was born again

I watched my son grow
Cheerful, kind, affectionate
I felt gratitude

Loved him, nurtured him
Urged him to follow his dream
Spread his wings and fly

He said, goodbye mom
I’ll stay in touch, you take care
I’ll see you next year!

Empty nest, new life
Catching up on my passions
I am born again

Time to volunteer
Make a difference in lives
I’ll be born again


Please read Kahlil’s post here:

It is my honor to invite outstanding word-weavers to join me in this prompt — feel free to write anything: poetry, an essay, a ten word story, or a photo story. Tag me so I know. (and if you’d rather I did not tag you, please leave me a private note and I’ll respect your wish.)

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Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles

Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles


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