Second Innings, New Beginnings

Sometimes you have to get away to come back stronger

Photo by author

Into each life must some rain fall

Overnight, life, as we knew it, had changed

And then two things happened

  • I bought a computer at 41. Can you imagine?
  • The internet came into my life. That opened up a world of possibilities.
  • I explored work from home opportunities available at the time. After all, I had experience, and was miserable that I was not bringing home the income I was capable of.

How about a career in writing?

  • What if the work dried up?
  • What if I didn’t know where my next project was coming from?
  • What if I had long periods without work?
  • Would I be able to survive like this?

Things work when you do

The harder I worked, the luckier I got!

Collecting Smiles

A major health setback

A blessed life



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