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Hoa Nguyen (Henry)
Vietnam Digital Economy
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My name is Hoa Nguyen, but I love to go by Henry Nguyen because it is much more comfortable to pronounce and familiar to most people in the United States. ( I have tested this with my friends at UMD Campus, and it works, actually.)

I worked in the media industry in Vietnam for 16 years before embarking on an academic journey to acquire a Ph.D. in Journalism and Communication Studies. Believe me, and you would not want to listen to how I have survived all of its ups and downs over the last five years.

I created a publication called Vietnam Digital Economy on Medium to write about anything digital from Vietnam in relation to developed countries and foreign investments or vice versa. The laser focus of the publication includes Information Technology, Digital Transformation, Economic Strategies, and Strategic Communication.

I am looking for collaborators, editors, and writers who can contribute to this publication so that in five years from now, it is a prestigious publication in various formats.

Washington D.C. is where I am residing now. This is also a hub of all kinds of professional information and insights from experts around the world. The publication would solicit brief stories (300 words), features (2000 words), and anything in between.

Vietnam is a market with a population of 97 million, with a growing body of social media users, 65 million as of 2020. Vietnam’s digital economy is expected to reach US$14 billion in 2020, a year-on-year increase of 16 percent, and will likely reach US$52 billion in 2025[1]. During the Covid-19 health crisis, this is among the few countries that could maintain a positive growth of 2.91% in 2020[2].

One day, I was asked about Vietnam’s digital economy’s scale and scope, an area closely related to my Communication studies. It turned out that I did not pay much attention to this area of expertise. After digging into it for a while, I have seen an opportunity to combine my strategic communication skills and the transformation of a developing economy into a connected sphere.

I have traveled extensively during my reporting career to Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, France, the UK, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Hungary, and other Southeast Asian countries. Here I am in the U.S., starting a new journey with the Vietnam Digital Economy publication.

I hope you will read, comment and share my stories if you see fit in any of your social media outlets. I would really appreciate your help.

Together, we will make Medium an exciting venue for writers and professionals alike.


[1] Atharva Deshmukh. (December 4, 2020). Why Vietnam’s Expanding Digital Economy Presents Opportunities for Investors. https://www.vietnam-briefing.com/news/why-vietnams-expanding-digital-economy-presents-opportunities-for-investors.html/

[2] . Nguyen Dieu Tu Uyen and Nguyen Kieu Giang. (December 27, 2020). Vietnam’s Economy Expands 4.48% in 4Q on Manufacturing. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-12-27/vietnam-s-economy-expands-4-48-in-4q-on-manufacturing



Hoa Nguyen (Henry)
Vietnam Digital Economy

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