Hanoi, Peaceful, Loving and Unanimous with Vietnam in the Epidemic Season

Vietnam Life
Apr 18, 2020 · 2 min read

For each student in the particular and Vietnamese in general, Hanoi today is still very mysterious and captivated by historical evidence, human imprints through legendary, historical monuments, old quarters, old houses, old walls, old streets, etc. These features have created a poetic, peaceful and deep Hanoi in the hearts of tourists and with the people of Vietnam.

Today, Hanoi develops faster and more vigorously. Hanoi has developed many modern features, “blending” with the ancient features. However, to this day, Hanoi like other cities around the world is “crouching”, “burdened” with “season” COVID.

COVID-19 epidemic caused millions of pupils and students nationwide to leave school. In Hanoi, too, the bustle and bustle of everyday life no longer exist in the streets but instead, it is quiet and peaceful “to strange”. After Prime Minister’s instruction on “social isolation” within 15 days from 0 o’clock on 01/04/2020 to prevent the COVID-19 epidemic, Hanoi is becoming more and more deserted. Perhaps, the epidemic has made people in Hanoi “slower”. No noisier but instead is “not gathering friends”, “which home in that”,… Everybody escapes from this bustling city instead of having to go crazy with the chaotic life. Take time to relax, spend more caring with family.

The period of “social distancing” is also the time to see how peaceful Hanoi. Perhaps the examples of China, Korea, Japan and most recently, Europe and the United States are still there. These cities and countries have more developed economic conditions, their health may be stronger than Vietnam, but perhaps no other place can carry out “social distancing” as peacefully and unanimously as Hanoi. There is a funny saying that “if the electric pole buys tickets to Vietnam, it will also return”. And I firmly believe that the place of the electric pole will be a poetic, peaceful and unanimous Hanoi with Vietnam and the whole world.

Before the pandemic struck, Hanoi was still busy and crowded. But when needed, Hanoi still cowered, ready for an uncompromising battle with the “enemy” COVID-19. Living a little slow but seeing human love, the love of people there is also worth our respect.

Facing these drastic steps, I believe that a peaceful Hanoi will soon defeat the “enemy” COVID-19. A perhaps writes a few lines to save, for the children and grandchildren later a respectable image, very dear Hanoi.

Written by Hien Vu Hung Anh — a member of Vietnam Life Writer Community

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