Elder identification technology by Photos (cooperation between Fujitsu and Asilla Vietnam)

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Vietnamese representative: Nguyễn Thanh Hải

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Official annoucement 25th October, 2017

Asilla AI Development JSC in Hanoi, Vietnam, and Fujitsu Company have jointly developed a hands-on experience in the services industry towards the elderly in Japan.

According to the plan, Asilla Vietnam JSC specializes in developing artificial intelligence through image recognition (address in Hanoi, Vietnamese legal entity: Asilla Vietnam JSC, representative is Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hai), together with Fujitsu JSC (Kanagawa, Kawasaki City, Representative General Director is Mr. Tanaka Tatsuya) together cooperate to develop technology services for the elderly people applying the image recognition technology. Organized hands-on experiment was conducted in Machida city, Tokyo.


Hands-on experiment.

Hands-on experiment has held on 27 September 2017 in Machida city, Tokyo. It will verify the usefulness of service. This experiment assumes that elderly have trouble in returning home. The experiment organizer has received the support and help from Machida city officials and supporter of dementia.

Hands-on experiment area.

Opinions of the legal representative in Vietnam.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hai, a legal representative of Asilla Vietnam, for this hands-on experiment, he said that, according to demographic statistics, Vietnam as well as Southeast Asian countries are becoming an elderly population societies. It is our honore to be dedicated in solving the population aging problem in the world, especially in Japan, Vietnam and Asia. Our company evenly thinks of being prepared for the future. Thanks to the high-tech transfer recognized by a Japan’s leading company — Fujitsu, I hope the whole information technology in Vietnam can develope to a new level. Finally, thanks to everyone that helps us to complete development cooperation as well as hands-on experiments. We will definitely succeed in responding to everyone’s expectations.

Background with development cooperation

Asilla has applied for ‘the MetaArc Joint-Venture Program*’ to provide an opportunity to connect Fujitsu’s business division with joint venture companies. This service is a joint development of Asilla’s image-recognition technology and Fujitsu’s FUJITSU Cloud Service K5 IoT Platform.

* the MetaArc Joint-Venture Program was formed to create a new business environment by using strengths of both Fujitsu and start-up company. Business cooperation at this time has been received much attention, the Japan’s biggest economic newspaper, NIKKEI also publishes the contents of this cooperation. Asilla’s image recognition technology is also expected to be applied in a number of industries, such as security and fashion.

Contents of service.

When the elderly having dementia, it’ll be difficult to get home when going out alone. Someone who find elderly will take a picture of the elderly’s face with smartphone and post it to the app. After that, the Artificial Intelligence application will immediately collate the posted image with the originally logged image to detect and help. From the phone, it will simultaneously display the location information of the person; so, relatives can pick up that person after recognizing photo and location. For protecting privacy, the face of photo is mosaic processing, the photo data also delete automatically.

About Asilla Joint Stock Company

Established in Hanoi since June 2015 by Daisuke Kimura. Vietnam is the place where there are still few companies developing business applications or services using artificial intelligence, we are doing technical developments among the Japanese and Vietnamese who are using advanced technology.

Since April 2017, we have teamed up with the AICS research team of Hanoi University of Science and Technology with the highest technology in Southeast Asia to jointly solve problems and develop artificial intelligence services.