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We visited an electronic educational newspaper company (BÁO GIÁO D Ụ C Đ I Ệ N) with offices on Thanh Xuan, Nguyen Thi Thap, 25 T 1 Building, Hanoi.

【Company Introduction】

Media Name: BÁO GIÁO DỤC ĐIỆN TỬ [Electronic Education Newspapers]

[Electronic Education Newspapers]

URL: http://giaoduc.net.vn/

Media : Newspaper

Category: Education

Treasure thought in working:
It is to publish high quality and latest information as articles without interrupting and breaking connections with experts and university professors.

Media Outline:
Electric education newspaper is one of the news organizations providing articles on educational methods and educational structure in Vietnam by coming out the latest articles on domestic education. In order to achieve continuously, they receive contributions and feedback from experts on higher quality education such as management of the Ministry of Education, contents of primary and secondary education textbooks, etc. and they are devoting considerable efforts in selecting articles. For increasing readers interested in education in Vietnam always, the Education newspaper publisher always prepares good quality articles so that readers will not only understand Vietnamese education, but also get opportunities to think deeply. For these reasons, their articles are gathering from 200 journalists and other contributors such as education officials in Vietnam, doctors, national policy researchers for employment promotion, and so on.

Currently, the Electric Education Newspaper is a newspaper publishing various articles on educational issues in collaboration with overseas press organizations such as Singapore one in addition to domestic partners.

【Writer’s comment】
Ms. Nyu in charge said that she expects to build the relationship between our company Vietnam Press and her Electronic Education Newspaper(BÁO GIÁO D Ụ C Đ I Ệ N), and she hope to receive information not handled yet in her company. He desire to contribute to the improvement of education in Vietnam more than ever in partnership with VIETNAM PRESS.
I could feel her powerful motivation for improving Vietnamese Education and professional conscious for publishing Electric Education Newspaper.

Thank you so much for welcoming us and having our interview.

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