Vietnam Business Newspaper is the Speech organisation of Vietnam Association of Small and Medium Enterprises, contributing a lot to the Enterprise Network in Vietnam.

Vietnam Business News. On the morning of 14/8/2017, at 10:00 PM, representatives of VN Press had a meeting with the editorial board, Hoang Minh Thanh — Permanent Secretary at Room 1105, House D , Sport Hotel, 15 Le Van Thiem, Nhan Chinh, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi. The Secretariat welcomes us in warmth and sincerity and wishes to have long-term cooperation.
To find out more about Vietnam Business News, here are some important information:
[Company profile]
Name of media: Vietnam Business Journal.
Name of managing agency: Vietnam Association of Small and Medium Enterprises.
Communication: Journalism
Category: Newspaper, Newspaper
Start time activity:
Readers: The publications of Vietnam Business Press are for all readers, focusing on businesses operating in Hanoi and throughout Vietnam.
Number of prints:
Number of publications:
About paper newspapers: Vietnamese enterprises.
Online newspaper: Vietnam e-business newspaper.
Number of employees:
The main content of the magazine: Vietnam Business Journal has a relatively large number of articles, focusing on Business, Law, Economy, Tourism, … with fast, new information and the most exactly.
Comments / Notes
For Vietnam Press: Mr. Minh Thanh would like to send not only Japanese customers but also readers everywhere that Vietnam Business Newspaper is the leading newspaper has the opportunity to bring a large readers in Vietnam. Nam new and deep information related to the network of small and medium enterprises in Vietnam. Newspaper welcomes cooperation with VN Press and Japanese businesses.
General Impression: Vietnam Enterprise Newspaper is one of the newspapers directly under the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises in Vietnam. After being introduced by Minh Thanh about the newspaper, the more we understand more about the network is the business of Vietnam. Warmly received, VN Press believes that this will be a good opportunity for Japanese customers to cooperate with big organizations in Vietnam such as Vietnam Business Newspaper.

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Press is the provision of key information and feedback on public issues. Newspapers are not limited to search and transmission of information. Press media can be extended to other forms such as literature and cinema.

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A press release (TCBC) is an official communication of an organization, association, agency or business … to journalists or press agencies at a press conference, an event. , Activities organized by organizations / agencies / enterprises to widely disseminate on the mass media activities, events, policies, initiatives or products of organizations / agencies / enterprises. That industry.

*** If you do not know how to effectively promote your product, VN Press will help you. With a staff of professionals working with major newspapers, we will help you to do business effectively in the Vietnamese market.

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