Why celebrating small wins is crucial to keep us moving forward?

Son Le Thanh (Son)
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2 min readJan 30, 2022

Yesterday I received two contributions for Vietneer — a USD 5 contribution from Indian immigration in Silicon Valley and an article from a young Vietnamese software engineer working at a local unicorn.

Since starting Vietneer, I paid some pocket money for various infrastructure costs. I want access to career advice in tech that should be free for the Vietneer audience. Hence, I did not ask them to pay. A friend of mine suggested setting up a Patreon page and calling out for contributions from the community.

I was also the main writer for articles in our online presence. There will be always a limit to how much I can do if I keep going alone.

There are always supporters in your vision.

The kind Indian is from a lower-middle-income class in Eastern India and migrated to Silicon Valley. He followed me on LinkedIn for some time and he is sympathetic to the cause that I described for Vietneer.

Once you show up long enough, your audience will support you

I was looking for an intern and sent emails to Vietneer audience, one audience replied to my email instantly. He appreciated the importance of someone being given direction in career will have a better chance to succeed than others.

I gave him homework by writing an article about his personal story with learning and coaching. He gave the article 2 days later. The genuine of his story touches other Vietneer audiences after I shared it on our Facebook page.

Why small wins are important?

Paul Yang, CEO at Lomotif, used to share on his Facebook a receipt of the first revenue from a customer. The amount was a few dollars but he was extremely happy. Fast forward, he sold his company to the rival of Tiktok for $125 million in cash.

If you are an entrepreneur, you may think about aiming for small wins to keep you moving forward every day.

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