Connecting Vietnamese Hubs Around the World

Let’s shed light on the global VN community

Anh Phung
Anh Phung
May 7, 2017 · 4 min read

Vietnamese World Map

At VietStartup, we are excited and passionate about the new Vietnam and the potential of its young generation to accelerate Vietnam’s growth. This new generation is not only in Vietnam, but also across East Asia, and all the way to Europe and North America. Despite of Vietnam’s difficult history that led to the dispersion of Vietnamese around the world, today it stands to benefit from it.

We have a real chance to harness the talent of the Vietnamese diaspora (Viet Kieu) community. They are increasingly educated, informed and extremely ambitious. Some are already and some will become leaders in their respective fields. There are roughly 4 million Vietnamese living outside of Vietnam and we call this the “unfair advantage” of Vietnam.

Therefore, at VietStartup we came up with the idea to create a map of the world where all the Vietnamese groups/communities/hubs can be displayed.

What You Can Do With the Map

  • Use the “search” button to find a Vietnamese community by country, by city or by its name. Each group has relevant basic information to allow you to get in touch with the people from the group.
  • If you are curious, you can browse the map and see where there is a Vietnamese community. You will be surprised with what you can find. Go find that gem!
  • In Vietnam, we have included more types of groups, all which revolve around entrepreneurship. You will also find co-working spaces, Ventures/Funds/Incubation Centers or media groups writing on entrepreneurship.

Let’s take an example
Imagine you are going to do a one-year placement in London. Hmm, you’re new in town and don’t know anyone. How should you get connected? Oh yeah, you remember there is a “Vietnamese World Map”. Now you go on the map and search for “London”. Many results appear and you are curious about the “VietStartup” group. Clicking on it you will see all the relevant basic information. Cool! Now, it’s time to post and connect with the community.

Our Vietnamese Community in the UK

In the UK, we are fortunate to have more than just one group. The groups that spring to mind is our VietStartup group, our friends from VietPro, our inspiring students from SVUK (Vietnamese Student Association in the UK) and our Vietnamese Student Societies across the UK. These various groups complement each other in what they add to the community. As a result, this creates a very vibrant and rich Vietnamese “ecosystem” in the UK.

At VietStartup, we brainstorm during the JAM sessions, get our hands dirty by doing and pursuing projects of any size in all type of areas such as education, food & beverage or fundraising.

At VietPro, the team organises speaker events, workshops, networking sessions, socials and many more activities to bring the working professional community together and they are awesome at it!

At SVUK, the team creates a vibrant student community by organising competitions, workshops, and its flagship annual event (in 2017, “The A Generation — Gala Night”).

The Vietnamese student societies across the UK create a homely environment for those far away from home at their universities and promote our Vietnamese culture to their international peers.

Join Us!

Now that you know more about our awesome community in the UK! We want to know about yours. Get involved by filling out this form to add your group/community onto the map. Let’s together create a global Vietnamese map!

P.S. big thanks for their contribution go to Le Quoc Viet, Tuan Anh Le and our VietStartup friends

VietStartup London

A community journal of Vietnamese people passionate in technology and entrepreneurship. Find us at

Thanks to Vince Nguyen and Minh Nguyen

Anh Phung

Written by

Anh Phung

VietStartup London

A community journal of Vietnamese people passionate in technology and entrepreneurship. Find us at

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