Create your Podcast in 10 mins or Less

Would you believe me if I told that in the time it takes you to read this article you could record, produce, and publish your own podcast?

Not too long ago, I wouldn’t have believed me either. I am a video editor. I eat, sleep, and breathe digital media.

So when my friend suggested that we start a podcast I thought “Sure, how hard could that be”. Much to my dismay, it’s harder than I thought. To be fair being a video editor is a far cry from being an audio engineer.

Even with all of the high-end audio and video equipment at my disposal, I was still struggling to turn our first set of interviews into a podcast.

Creating a podcast isn’t easy. You agonizing over having the right equipment. You have to edit the sound mix . Then you have to upload the file to a server and get it listed on the various pod-casting portals. It’s a lot of work, or at least it was.

I recently discovered an app called Anchor takes all the headaches out of creating a podcast.

(I should mention that I am in no way affiliated with Anchor. I just really like their product.)

Easy to use

Something that we tend to forget is that we all carry around a device specifically designed to capture audio in our pockets: Our phones.

If you’re like me you always have your phone with you.Anchor is an app available on both iOS and Android. It allows you to record audio clips, or “segments”, for up to five minutes. If you’re on the go or in the moment, Anchor makes it easy to capture whatever is on your mind.

After you have made your recording you have the option to add some background music and save it to your Anchor station.

Call-Ins, Interviews, and Interludes

Your personal segments aren’t the only thing you can have in your station. Anchor provides a selection of music snippets or “interludes”. You can use interludes to break up your content. Another thing that can break up your content are “Call-ins”.

Other Anchor users that listen to your station have the ability to “call in “ to your station. They are basically leaving you a voicemail message within Anchor. You can then opt to add the call into your station.

Think of your station like a talk radio call-in show. The call in feature is a great way to start a Q&A session.

The third way to create content for your station is through interviews. Built into the Anchor app, you have the ability to make phone calls to prospective interviewees. Both sides of your conversation are recorded into the apps..

Unlike regular segments, interviews are not limited to the 5 min restriction.

Potentially, you can load your station with an opening thought for the day. You can pose a question to listeners. Listeners can call-in and leave comments. Then you can record your thoughts and responses.

Using an interlude, you can signify a shift in the conversation. And from there you can insert a pre-recorded clip ( yes, you can use the website interface to upload other content from your desktop) before you move to your interview.

Google Play, iTunes and Apple Music

As you create recordings those segment will live on your station for 24 hours. After that, it falls off into your archive. Archived segments can always be reloaded into the live station.

You also have the option of saving your current active station queue as an episode. From there, episodes can be published to your podcast.

Don’t have a podcast?

Anchor has the ability to create your podcast, within the app, and publish to Google Play, iTunes and Apple Music.

Anchor has been around for a few years. With the recent addition of features like call-in, creating a podcast, and even transcripted videos it is a whole new beast.

It make me think of the early days of Twitter. At first, I didn’t get it but look at Twitter now. I think Anchor has a lot of potentials and I look forward to seeing it grow and evolve.

If you like to learn how you can visit or download the app for iOS or Android.

I am still an amateur podcaster; but, if you’d like to hear how it works you can listen to one of my sample episodes at:

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