The Horror Scene — Framelines TV Editing Project

That’s number two. I just finished up and published the Horror scene Interactive project from Framelines TV.

My first interactive project, The Car Chase was a bit more challenging in that there wasn’t a script or any kind of direction. Hell, there wasn’t really a chase car.

For this scene there was a script that made things a bit easier. But not as much as you might think…

With 11 clips and 80 takes from different angles… again… and again… and again ’n’ again, the script reads as follows:

the KILLER enters down the hall, Becky looks and sees him, starts to run.
KILLER follows, axe in hand. When she looks back, he’s on top of her.
Killer swings the axe down on her throat.

Yep, that’s it. I think there is are two lessons to be learned here.

For Screenwriters:

You aren’t expected to write out every single little detail in a scene. Filmmaking is a collaborative effort. You focus should be on the over all story. This is the difference from a screenplay and writing a novel. Paint the picture and overload your script with details. ( That said maybe a little more detail than this.

For Viewers:

11 Clips, 80 Takes and close to 6 hours to cut a 1:45 clip. Hopefully this give you some vauge conception of why you say “ I need to write a movie” or “I have this idea”, I just nod and smile.

You can see the final product here:

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