Announcing Viewly Creator Rewards

Today the Viewly Team is thrilled to announce the release of our first token distribution program, which we are calling Viewly Creator Rewards. In its simplest form, Viewly Creator Rewards is a token distribution program, that distributes tokens to creators who are producing high quality content, in which our token holders place Votes on the best content on Viewly.

Simply put, creators are paid directly for posting high-value, engaging content.

This idea has been at the forefront of the Viewly project, as our mission has always been to provide creators with cutting edge monetization options. Over the past four months our development team has been working tirelessly to craft a dispensation method that creates a competition for creativity and quality, making Viewly a destination for top video content. The product has also been running on test-net over the past month, as our development team has been ensuring the games functionality. You can see some of our test results live on our Viewly Creator Rewards Site.

Test Run With 25 High Quality Content Creators

In two weeks, our team will run a “test-launch” of Creator Rewards with 25 high-quality creators who are eager to try the new product and provide feedback to help us create the best experience possible. Creators will be able to apply for early access to the test run via application, where the Viewly Team will be selecting eligible creators until July 4th.

Selected creators will receive tokens via the number of Votes they receive on the Viewly platform. For them, this means a few things: Creators will be incentivized to create better videos, as well as encouraged to bring over their audiences to the Viewly platform. Subsequently, creators will be able to supplement their income, and eventually, make a living off Viewly.

Creators Can Apply for Viewly Creator Rewards Here

Distribution Test Run Timeline

  • Monday June 25th: Creator Faucet for Creator Rewards opens. Creators can apply for Rewards on Viewly
  • Wednesday July 4th: Test Run Begins. Selected creators begin uploading to Viewly
  • Tuesday July 24th: Test Run Ends
  • Wednesday July 25th: Viewly Creator Rewards is open to the general public

The World Beyond Ads

Viewly’s Creator Rewards will also mean that content creators will be rewarded for producing better content, creating a natural incentive to deliver higher quality videos to the Viewly platform. This will give rise to new, creative videos that stand out amongst spammy uploads on other platforms. For our viewers, the Creator Rewards distribution will provide them a true opportunity to reward their favorite videos, and enjoy them free of ads and clickbaits.

A Mission for our Token Holders

We believe the Viewly mission is an important one, that is why we’re thrilled that our Token Holders will be able to participate in our Creator Rewards. With their tokens, these special users will be able to effect the outcome of the distribution, by Voting for their favorite videos. By doing this, token holders will be creating a community of engaged users, inspired creators, and giving birth to a competitive video environment.

With each vote, they are shaping the kind of site Viewly becomes.

Here’s your chance to influence which kinds of video show up on Viewly!

Check out our timeline for Token Holders:

  • Wednesday July 4th: Test Run Begins. Creators will be uploading new videos and Token Holders can begin voting on their favorite videos.
  • Tuesday July 24th: Test Run Ends
  • Wednesday July 25th: Creator Rewards will be open to public, increasing the amount of content Token Holders can vote on.

The Importance of Viewly Creator Rewards

What does this mean for Viewly? It’s a step towards high value video content beyond ads. We are building a tokenized video platform, that enables viewers to discover valuable content free of ads and spammy videos, where creators can make a sustainable living, and people can get back to watching entertaining, uninterrupted video.

Head on over to right now and check out Creator Rewards and start voting on the videos you love!

Read more about the mechanics of Creator Rewards here.