Blocksplit Conference Videos Now on Viewly Alpha

The Viewly team is thrilled to announce that Blocksplit, last month’s blockchain community conference, is hosting all event videos on the Viewly Alpha. Not only does this mark a principal partnership for our organization, it also highlights our commitment to the blockchain/cryptocurrency community.

Viewly Team (Partially) | PJ Leimgruber, Uros Jurglic, LeRae Bigelow, and Stefan Furlan

In summary, the event could not have been more rewarding for our team and those who attended. The attendees, including blockchain experts, business owners and more, were immersed in lectures, workshops and discussions about furthering the capabilities and reach of the blockchain community. The event featured lectures from startup mentor Ajit Tripathi, Bitcoin core developer Peter Todd, and Viewly Advisor & Marketing Lead at District0x PJ Leimgruber, amongst other dignified business and blockchain experts. Other lectures included discussions on smart contracting, blockchain business model design, privacy in the blockchain space, and the future of banking in blockchain.

Preparing for a Lecture | Blocksplit 2018

For those who were not able to attend, there is some good news…

Below you can find a list of the Blocksplit uploads, as well as a link to Blocksplit’s Viewly Channel, which we highly suggest giving a follow. We look forward to seeing more from the conference on our platform, as well as attending more like-minded events in the future. We are beyond ecstatic to begin our outreach into the community, and to work with organizations who believe in the power of blockchain as our team does.

For more information on the conference visit the Blocksplit Website.

Blocksplit Videos:

Sandra Ro — Building Bridges & Breaking Down Walls: Making Blockchain ‘Real’ (and for Good)

Alvaro Rodriguez — A brief introduction to Blockchain and Business Model Design

Ajit Tripathi — The State of Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Martin Lundfall — Circles — A Universal Basic Income Based Cryptocurrency

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