Bounties and Community Events are Here!

Our eagerly-anticipated bounties are here- and that’s not all!

As we continue to grow and expand our influence, we will be offering another round of bounties in the next phase of our development.

We are also adding other new ways to earn VIEW tokens via community events. To be eligible, you must be a Viewly Telegram member or be subscribed to any of our other channels (ie. Reddit, FB, BitcoinTalk, etc.) as we will be making announcements through these channels. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter as well for even more contests, opportunities, and events!

Community Events

Community Lucky Draw (ongoing event) — We have 10,000 VIEW tokens to give away total. Each week, we will award two prizes, valued at 500 VIEW tokens each to the best community discussion/twitter mentions as well as links posted inside or outside our channels. To be eligible and enter yourself in the contest, message our community manager Tudor with a link or a screen capture of your post.

Bounty0x Partnership

We are excited to announce that we have made our bounty process easier than ever through our partnership with Bounty0x. Bounty0x is a decentralized bounty management platform enabling startups to post bounties and bounty hunters to complete them and receive payment. Bounty0x’s streamlined platform makes it easy to search for bounties and keeps you updated with the latest offerings. Sign up for Bounty0x and check regularly for lucrative bounties from Viewly.

Bounty Opportunities for Chinese and Russian Crypto/Tech Insiders

In order for Viewly to get as much international exposure as possible, we need your help! Your contacts or insider information for Chinese or Russian crypto related sites, Facebook groups, or LINE groups or contact information for Russian or Chinese crypto/tech media or influencers could be worth a significant bounty- 100 VIEW tokens per item that hasn’t already been submitted!

Visit — to learn more

Meme Creation Bounty

Are you one of those people that spends half of your day looking at memes and the other half sharing them? We’re looking for “outside” meme ideas. They could be spins on “when moon?”, HODL or “where bounty?” that we haven’t done yet. 200 VIEW tokens per meme that we adopt officially

Visit to learn more!

Keep in mind that these are just the first two bounties with many more to come- especially as we get closer to our ICO, so stay tuned!