Bounties Phase Two

It is with great excitement that we are happy to present our second round of bounties. The goal of these bounties is to promote outreach and spread the word as our PR campaign ramps up towards the tokensale.

The bounties are as follows:

Article Creation bounty: Write an article about Viewly. Examples of topics include: comparison of VIewly with other projects, why Viewly is one of your most-anticipated token sales of the year, and anything that you think will be useful in sharing Viewly with a wider audience. The article can be an even be a comparison where Viewly doesn’t necessarily come out on top. The bounty reward is 500 VIEW Tokens

Video Creation bounty: Create a positive video about Viewly. Examples of ideas might include the following: Introducing Viewly to your audience and sharing what makes you excited about it, making a video about any of Viewly’s particular features in more detail, introducing Viewly towards a niche audiences and creators (i.e. e-learning or infrastructure/sysadmin audiences who may be interested in becoming part of the Viewly CDN down the line). The bounty reward is 2000 VIEW Tokens

Meme Wars Bounty: Use our meme (from our sticker pack) in another channel in an interesting or funny conversation The bounty reward is 100 VIEW tokens.

Spreading the Word Bounty: We have a lot of external press and interviews currently lined up in the near future, but our community is also crucial in helping us further spread the word about Viewly. To achieve this bounty, post an externally-created article (not created by us) about Viewly and/or comment on it. You can share this either on our Reddit or in another relevant sub. To get the bounty, post links to the post itself as well as the comments. The bounty reward is 200 VIEW tokens each for both the relevant post as well as the comment.

New Community Bounty — Creator of the Day

We have now started to outreach to various creators and many have already expressed their excitement and support to come on this journey with us. In the spirit of partnership, we would also like to introduce them to our audience much like they will be introducing us to theirs.

This bounty is similar to the Lucky Draw in that it’s internal as well as external. You can win it either being part of a discussion about our creator of the day in Telegram or any of our social channels but you can also win by sharing and promoting them externally i.e. sharing the creator’s page or channel on social media or any other social channel with the hashtag #joinviewly. To get the bounty, send us links to the post itself. Tudor may also chose a winner from the discussion or you may submit a screenshot of the discussion to them. The bounty reward is 200 VIEW tokens.

Once again you can find these bounties via this link with our partners at Bounty0x

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