Community Announcement — The 1st Viewly Awards

We’re excited to announce that we planning contest that we’re calling the Viewly Awards. Assuming we hit our schedule for the long awaited dev update, the finalists will be debuting on our next dev release and not necessarily on the current alpha version :)

Longtime Steemit supporters of ours will probably know @deimus and @pandamama. Deimus helped spec out the theme based approach while pandamama (his mom :D) is also an experienced talent manager in her own right and volunteered to help organize things as we finalize prizes and also the dates. However we do know that you guys need as much notice as possible to start working on your entries so this announcement is going out early.

In terms of the eligible content, rather than specify particular categories, we’re going with general broad themes that each could encapsulate a broad spectrum of categories.

“I want to be inspired “ — Awesome Sports, Adventure, Gaming

“I want to laugh” — Anything funny or comedic in nature

“I want to learn” — Smart Tutorials, Documentaries, Educational content in general

“I want music” — Music videos, covers, instrumentals

This is just a community notification for now with formal entry instructions to be delivered in a future update since as we said earlier, we know giving you guys as much time as possible is more important than waiting for the next dev update. You will be able to submit your entry via either alpha or youtube link. The finalists will be chosen by us for community voting in January and VIEW tokens will be awarded as prizes afterwards. One entry per account only. Pick the entry or category you feel will be your best work.

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