Community Lucky Draw #2 and a Happy New Year!

Feeling lucky? As we move into the new year, we’re spreading some cheer to our Viewly community with our Community Lucky Draw event.

This week’s Lucky Draw winners are @CryptoKB and @DownbutnotOut (Sailor Moon). Each winner will receive 500 VIEW tokens. Both are awarded for being helpful, active and positive in the community

A BIG honorable mention and 200 VIEW tokens goes to @PaddyC for going the extra mile to talk about Viewly in a seminar he was giving.

Our random number generator may not have been kind to you, but we are. We appreciate the extra effort

Our Community Lucky Draw is an ongoing event in which each week, we will award two prizes, valued at a predetermined number of VIEW tokens to the best community discussion/Twitter mentions as well as links posted inside or outside of our channels. To be eligible and enter yourself in the contest, message our community manager Tudor at or visit him on Telegram at with a link or a screen capture of your post.

We have 10,000 VIEW tokens to give away total, so be sure to enter each week for the best odds of winning!

May the odds be ever in your favor as we move into the new year!

Happy New Year from the Viewly team!

As we say goodbye to 2017 and hello to 2018, we are excited to be part of revolutionizing the online video platform industry and providing our creators, fans, and community with an amazing experience! We would like to thank all our members for being part of our community over the past year, as well as wish you and your family a happy and healthy new year. We hope that 2018 brings you prosperity, happiness, and much more. At Viewly, our new year’s resolution is to create the absolute best platform on which to share content and financially prosper. So as we say goodbye to 2017, let’s also say goodbye to low-quality content, unfair marketing practices, ad revenue dependency, and all of the other problems that come with traditional online video platforms. 2018 is the future so is Viewly! We’re glad you’re a part of it too!

Cheers to the future of online video sharing!

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