Community Lucky Draw Winners Catchup #8

In the excitement of the pre-sale, we also got a little behind on announcing winners and this catches us back up-to-date.

This week is a full one between watching the Winter Olympics and being with your loved ones on Valentine’s Day. In honor of those two events, we are showing our fans how much they are loved by making some of them gold medal winners with our Viewly Community Lucky Draw!

Our Viewly Community Lucky Draw winners are as follows:

Shae Webb for posting about Viewly on Facebook

@bitbuza for posting about Viewly on Twitter

Eden Michelle for posting about Viewly on Steemit

Leelektrik for posting about Viewly on Steemit

@henryericsonhenry for mentioning Viewly on another Telegram channel (this is one lucky streak that he is on!)

Owen Kay mentioning Viewly in an article for the Source, THE bible of urban hip-hop, culture and politics

Using a TG meme outside of TG like a boss is strongly encouraged

For every 1000th member, we will be adding two more slots to the Community Lucky Draw, so spread the word! Our week 9 Lucky Draw will have 8 possible winners- giving you even more chances to grab 500 VIEW Tokens!

@MRRood (RobinLee) 4000th member

@Timle8000 (Tim Le) 4001th member

Special mentions go to :

@Amazongirl (Cathy T) for going above and beyond in helping the team

@L33TGUY ( Troy ) for going above and beyond on Youtube, Facebook, Reddit

Christine Poulos for helping and keeping contact with content creators

@MIMughal ( Mohammed Imran ) for helping setting up the venue in London

Our Community Lucky Draw is an ongoing event in which each week we award prizes (each valued at a predetermined number of VIEW tokens) to the best community discussion/Twitter mentions as well as links posted inside or outside of our channels. More than 14,000 VIEW tokens have been won so far!

Don’t forget: Be sure to enter yourself in the contest by emailing our community manager Tudor at or by visiting him on Telegram at with a link (preferably) or a screen capture of your post.

Whitelisting is up! Make sure you apply on time and don’t miss out our tokensale:

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