Creator of the Day — Uberdanger has over a million subs on Youtube, but it still isn’t paradise.

Jonathan Skov Benlolo, CEO of UberDanger, a sole proprietorship, has his own reasons to be ecstatic about Viewly

“Personally I’ve dealt with large-scale censorship and a general growing inability to monetize my work on Youtube over the last years. For the ad heavy monetization model, Youtube has, I guess…I just don’t pump out work in a large enough volume to meet the quota of their algorithm. The constant age restrictions, copyright strikes, community guidelines strikes, and misused content ID matches are a thorn in my side as well. I believe in Viewly as a concept in that it is how video sharing social media should be done. Why should mega corporations see the vast majority of the revenue that the creators bring in? Why should the agenda of mega corporations limit our creativity and freedom of expression?

I’ve personally been directing entertainment revolving around video games for over five years. I’ve also dabbled in directing a few short films and am currently learning film language. My content is unapologetic and not meant for everyone, but I relentlessly pursue my entertainment form even if it offends some. I take pride in a high production value and my creative merit, here’s a good example of a short film I put together from the pop culture festival “London Comic-Con” in 2015."

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