Erik Mut and the Worldly Savages

For years, Erik Mut and the Worldly Savages have been energizing audiences around the world with their self-described “gypsy punk” sound- a fusion of local band, punk, rock, classical, and folk melodies.

Worldly Savages has been a cosmopolitan and international band from its inception. Started in Belgrade, Serbia in 2008 by Erik Mut, a musician from Canada of Slavic, German & Celtic mixed-ethnicity who made many trips to Serbia to find creative inspiration, the band includes Eastern European, Western European, and North American members. This diverse makeup is one of the many reasons the band is known for their “ethno music spiciness.”

Lost and Confused

Some of their recent works, highlights, awards, and accolades include:
- Lost and Confused, a popular song about the challenge of finding oneself, with the video filmed in Serbia
- 21st Century Racism, a song about being denied UK visas, a popular, timely, and controversial subject 
- Feature in Canada Arts Connect Magazine
- Appearances at major music festivals such as Colours of Ostrava in the Czech Republic, Boomtown, Bestival, Secret Garden Party and Sunrise festivals in the UK (below), and Eurosonic

These guys just naturally rock playing live

Most notably, they recently performed live for Syrian refugees, an endeavor that captures the attention and hearts of people worldwide.

Says Erik Mut: “Viewly offers me a chance to get my creative work out there in a way that YouTube has not offered me. People can support me directly and I can get access to the payments immediately when someone pays, whereas on YouTube, my viewers are forced to consume advertising that has nothing to do with what they want to see (me) and I have to wait ages before I get paid.

Viewly is also an ad-free platform and my videos will only contain the sponsorships that I decide fit my vision and message.

The ability to present myself with authenticity will be better on Viewly because it’s a platform designed to allow people like me to own my own digital broadcasting destiny.”

For a band known for their “contagious folk punk energy,” wild music, and fighting boring post modernity, Viewly is the perfect fit for Erik Mut and the Worldly Savages.