First Creator Rewards Distributed and Creator Leaderboard Released

What an exciting month for the Viewly Team and its creators! Over the past few weeks, our entire team has been dedicated to a successful launch of our first monetization model, Viewly Creators Rewards. For those of you new to the Viewly community, Viewly Creator Rewards is our Token Distribution Program that distributes VIEW token to creators who are producing high-value content, in which our token holders have voted on, on the Viewly Platform.

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This month, in regards to our Creator Rewards distribution, we have a lot to announce.

Creator Rewards Test Run

With the release of Creator Rewards, we have begun a test-run, comprised of a small group of creators who have been uploading onto Viewly with the soul-purpose of testing out the distribution/rewards process. This week, we are proud to announce that our first wave of creators are now earning!

Check out our first Creator Earnings Leaderboard here:

As it stands, our Viewly Creator Reward pool now sits at 1,000 VIEW token distributed Daily.

This month, our Leaderboard Creators received their first wave of rewards, some of them earning up to 4,500 VIEW in a single week!

Creator Leaderboard

Our leaderboard is pretty self explanatory. Creators can check in every other week to see where they rank on the leaderboard, how much VIEW they have earned, and how much they are earning per video. We so are excited to give our creators a chance to be rewarded for producing high-value content, and a way for them to track their success on Viewly.

Over the next few weeks, the Viewly Team will continue to reach out and add creators to our test-run group, adding to the pool of creators who are earning on Viewly. Creators who are interested in joining our test-run group can do so by applying to our Creator Form here.

Who’s Earning? Viewly Featured Creators

Cryptide- A community based on education and conversation about cryptocurrency.

System 22 Web Design- Learn all the ‘Ins’ and ‘Outs’ of web design right from the comfort of your laptop with System 22 Web Design. Bootstraps, editing, design, and more!

Peter Dranitsin- Dedicated abstract artist and graphic designer, founder of URArtStudio. Step by step guides through amazing abstract paintings, and walk throughs of painting techniques.

Dapp University- Learn to build decentralized apps on the Etheruem blockchain with Gregory at Dapp University! His videos are simplified, educational, and fun!

Eden Michelle- Singer, singerwriter and Music Producer with tons of uploads, including original songs, remixes, lyric videos and more!

The Future of Creator Rewards

At the completion of our Test-Run, we will be opening up Creator Rewards to the public, with the goal of maximizing our creator base, and incentivizing new creators to deliver high value content to the Viewly Community. Our hopes are that this Rewards program will give rise to new, educational, and creative uploads that offer our community a refreshing, more meaningful experience. This will give our viewers and Voting community an opportunity to rewards their favorite videos, and of course, enjoy video without ads and Spammy content.

Welcome to Viewly Creator Rewards.