Further Team Expansion at Viewly

Viewly’s team continues to grow with two more additions to talk about. Jure Koren joins us on the development and infrastructure side and Marko Stojkoski joins us on the community side.

Jure Koren

Jure Koren joins Viewly as Viewly’s head of infrastructure. Highly experienced in the realm of devops, Jure’s experience dates back to 2000 when he started his own ISP. From there, he worked for multiple ISPs across areas from systems administration to development. Within his robust skill set, his core expertise is in Python, Java, and Django, as well as PHP and C++. He has also developed point-of-sale software based on Linux using Java and PL/pgSQL for asynchronous replication. Most notably, Jure served both as a developer and a systems administrator at Zemanta, a global ad-tech company, where he worked on high availability and scaling.

Jure is responsible for setting up Viewly’s infrastructure and ensuring services and content are highly available, mostly writing in Python and Go. Aside from Viewly, Jure helped in the development of a second generation Kubernetes and GCE based platform as-a-service called Gondor

Marko Stojkoski

Marko is a retail and account management professional who prides himself on delivering outstanding one-to-one service. After studying Informatics and Communication Technologies at the University Kliment Ohridski — Bitola, Marko put his strong interpersonal skills to use, embarking on an illustrious career working as a community manager as well as managing sales and operations for both retail and online successful market spaces. He brings his accounting, promotional, and communication skills to Viewly, managing our social media and engaging with our community. Additionally, Marko has a special role for contributors on the ICO side.