How to participate in the Viewly token sale

In this tutorial we will walk you trough all the steps required to participate in the Viewly token sale.

  • Step 1: Buying Ethereum
  • Step 2: Send Ethereum to the account you control
  • Step 3: Using your Ethereum wallet
  • Step 4: Participate in the crowdsale

Step 1: Buying Ethereum

If you don’t have any Ethereum tokens, you can get them from exchanges:

You an also easily convert Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero and other cryptos to Ether via:

Please DO NOT send ETH from your exchange account to the Viewly address. Please DO NOT send ETH from shapeshift or changelly.
 This will result in loss of tokens.

Step 2: Send Ethereum to your wallet first

If you plan to transfer from exchanges or shapeshift, please send them to your Ethereum wallet first. Any wallet where you control the private key will do, but we do recommend one of these:

In this tutorial, we will walk you trough two most popular options, MyEtherWallet and MetaMask.

Step 3: Using MyEtherWallet

  1. Create your Ethereum Wallet on
  2. Make sure to backup your private key in a safe place.
  3. After unlocking your newly created wallet with your private key, you will see your public address (public address starts with 0x).
  4. Send ETH from an exchange to your public address.

Once the Viewly Sale is live, follow these steps.

That’s it! You have successfully participated in the Viewly pre-ICO.

Go to and get the plugin.

  1. Set your password.
  2. Copy 12 words on paper or take a photo and store on a USB drive. Make sure to save them in more than one secure locations/drives in order to not lose them.
  3. You can see your Ethereum public address by clicking on the Menu icon -> Show QR Code.
  4. Send ETH from an exchange to your public address.

Once the Viewly Sale is live, follow these steps:

  1. Copy your address to clipboard, because you will need to fill it into the pre-ICO popup form.
  2. At this point you should fill the pre-ICO form with basic data, in order to get the the pre-ICO page which contains the address where the funds have to be deposited. An email and your ETH public address are required. This page also contains the status of the pre-ICO and the end date timer.
  3. To purchase VIEW Tokens insert the Viewly Sale address that you see on the pre-ICO page. The Viewly Sale address will be revealed when the pre-ICO is live.

That’s it! You have successfully participated in the Viewly pre-ICO.

Step 4: Participating in the crowdsale

When the pre-ICO countdown timer runs out, the pre-ICO participation process will unlock. This will happen automatically, so you don’t need to hit anxiously hit refresh before the sale is live.

To participate in the sale, you should fill in this short form with your contact details. Please make sure that at least your Ethereum public address and email are correct. This will enable us to contact you in the future, if any action is required on your behalf, for example, when ERC-20 tokens are being converted into Viewly Native tokens.

After filling the form, the Viewly Crowdsale address will be revealed.

Send ETH to this address to purchase VIEW Tokens.

A word about gas limit

If you don’t know what this is, then don’t worry about it. You will be fine by using default gas limit automatically set by your wallet (e.g. MyEtherWallet). If you really want to set gas limit manually, please use 250.000 gas.

Your VIEW tokens

After your transaction is confirmed you will get your VIEW tokens instantly. In order to see the balance of your VIEW tokens, you need to add custom token in your wallet with VIEW token address. This address will be published right after the pre-ICO sale starts.

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