Kenneth Bright Jr — Prince Adventures Creator is super hyped for Viewly

Prince Adventures ‘Devil’ poster version

Kenneth Bright Jr, founder of Fantasy Soft Entertainment is one of many who grew up with shows like Dragonball and Yu-Yu Hakusho but one of a small minority of Americans carving out a career towards Japan as homegrown anime producers. Bright is now fortunate to be working with some of the very same talent that influenced him or produced many of the shows he loved as a kid.

In addition to producing TV shows and comics, Fantasy Soft is also an officially licensed Nintendo developer who is in production on their first game “Last of the Disciples” as well. On the animation side, Bright is talking to the legendary Japanese studio Gonzo, who has been behind all-time favorites such as Full Metal Panic, Samurai 7, and Vandread (old school!). Prince Adventures’ pilot episode will be directed by Oliver Guse, who has worked on ‘The Land Before Time’, ‘Arthur’, ‘X-Men’, and ‘Rick and Morty,’ a hit featuring show featuring well-known American voice actors such as Todd Haberkorn (Keisuke Takahashi, ‘Initial D’ and Android 19, ‘Dragonball Z’) and Vic Mignona (most known for playing Edward Elric, ‘Full Metal Alchemist’). Last but not least, producing duties will be handled by Chuck Huber who is perhaps the most notable for his VA roles in many of the shows listed above but also ‘Attack on Titan’, ‘Yu-Yu Hakusho’ in addition to providing a litany of voices in games such as Borderlands 2 and Ghostbusters. He has also served as ADR script writer and director on ‘Dragonball Z’ , ‘One Piece’ and many more.

Who wouldn’t be excited about Viewly?! Finally, a decentralized video platform for creators, by creators, but not only that! As a creator, I get to build a gang of dedicated fans, and receive Patreon-like support through micropayments and subscriptions! As a creator, I can also sign sponsorship deals that are in line with the interests of my fanbase, with no middleman involved! Did you hear that?! I get to make and keep more of MY money, and right off the bat! You don’t need 100,000 subscribers or millions of views! I should stop… my heart can’t take it.- Kenneth Bright Jr, Fantasy Soft Entertainment
Concept art for the kingdom of Goshen, home of the Cheetah ‘humals’ from Prince Adventures
some upcoming characters from Prince Adventures

See the pitch preview of Prince Adventures here

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