Marketing and creative team expansions

We are happy to announce that Munly Leong and Romina Kavčič have been on-boarded onto the Viewly Team. Munly is leading and building the marketing team for the ICO effort and Romina is joining us as a Design Strategist.


Munly is a self-described “hacker/hustler” who has already participated in multiple double digit million ICO’s at the agency level, most recently as an account manager as part of EnjinCoin’s recent raise ($23m USD) and contributing to Etherparty ($30m USD)

A game developer and entrepreneur at heart, he’s also built mainstream multimedia and web applications for notable organizations like News Corp, Midway, VanArts Academy and the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. Additionally he’s also skilled and passionate about filmmaking himself having been an early and published Machinima pioneer blending the worlds of games and movies who has exhibited at such festivals as Bitfilm Germany and won Portland’s Indie Animation festival in 2004.

Hollywood experience and contacts is also a strong asset that Munly brings to the Viewly team having been a special abilities extra and occasional stuntman. Notable film and TV credits include the movie 2012, V, Stargate Atlantis, the L Word and Fringe.

Munly is well attuned to startup communities and ecosystems across the world and has both contributed legislatively for the US Senate (via Senator Jerry Moran’s office) and strongly advocated for Startup Visa in the US where the concept first originated. Munly holds a software engineering degree from University of Advancing Technology from Tempe, Arizona.


Romina is a designer who also holds an MBA grounding design with the needs of business. She has experienced a 10+ career in design working across both tech startups and larger institutions to prototype and design products and brands.

She has broad experience working with marquee tech unicorns like Xamarin as well as Zemanta in the US. On the European side, she has worked directly for many tech startups in Europe including Chipolo, Stellar, Outfit7, Databox and more in addition to the University of Ljubljana her hometown alma mater.

More of Romina’s work history and work can be seen on her personal site

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